Our 3G+C antenna was developed in collaboration with leading experts from Fraunhofer Insitute for Integrated Circuits IIS.

A next-generation product with future-proof technology, inside a robust construction.

The new 3G+C antenna meets or exceeds phase center eccentricity standards up to 1 mm. It makes you feel confident as you can always rely on extremely precise signals and meticulous accuracy of the data. 3G+C is fit not only for high-precise geodetic applications but also for integration into agricultural and construction machinery or vehicles.

The antenna withstands the harshest and most difficult environmental conditions. Whether in the desert or in polar zones, 3G+C resists any amount of water, sand, snow or ice.

Its hexagonal casing structure and a specially developed laser welded joint, make 3G+C absolutely water, dust- and shockproof. It resists any amount of scratches, impacts,extreme vibrations and temperatures.