Enables precise positioning for all GNSS applications

One of the antenna’s numerous advantages is excellent reception of satellites at low elevations, i.e. weak GNSS signals. This is an outstanding property, because the reception characteristics for these satellites are generally poor due to a longer path through the atmosphere.

The 3G+C antenna enables weak signal tracking of GNSS satellites to the horizon (0° elevation) with sufficient quality, while other high-precision antennas typically lose track at 7° elevation or are providing such poor signal quality that the GNSS receiver cannot use it.

This unique attribute of the 3G+C antenna results in improved productivity for the user, because it will enable more satellites being tracked and faster positioning with better signal quality (C/No).

In applications experiencing roll and pitch motion, such as machine control or on-board of ships, low elevation satellite tracking with good signal quality allows the GNSS receiver to determine its position more accurately and with less noise.

The world‘s only antenna where the housing is laser-welded.

Neither air, dust or water can penetrate
inside the antenna

The production of the 3G+C series meets the highest quality standards with respect to processes and materials used. The housing material is designed to be extremely durable, UV resistant and color true. Even after years of use it will appear like new. The upper and lower housing are laser-welded which is unique among all GNSS antenna manufacturers. Neither air, dust, or water can penetrate its interior, even at pressure differences of 2.5 bar (36 psi).

This is also true for the standard TNC connector, because it is integral to the case and was specifcally designed for this housing. Thus, the 3G+C series complies with IP69k and all tests of MIL-STD 810g.

World leading technology

We have developed next-generation antennas with future-proof technology. Thanks to our new ground-braking technology we can say, that our antennas meet or exceed phase center eccentricity standards of up to 1 mm.

New procedures and techniques are not only the reason for our products to be the safest and most dependable but give us also the position as market-leaders on the field of surveying and locationing. Extensive testing and comparison with products of known competitors in the field of gps-antennas show significant advantages on every level of performance.