Fiels of application

Due to its highest precision, design and robust state our 3G+C antenna is fit not only for high-precise geodetic applications but also for integration into agricultural- and construction machinery, vehicles, dual use goods and navigation. Whether in the desert or in polar zones, 3G+C resists any amount of water, sand, snow or ice. Desert rallies in the sahara? No problem. Deep sea fishing in the Bering Sea? 3G+C will show you the way.


The 3G+C is a high-precision antenna for all present and future GNSS signals and is thereby useable in all fields of surveying. The patented positioning of parasitic elements allows an excellent multipath reduction. As an ideal reference station antenna it is provided with a higher gain of 42 db. In this way cable lengths of 100 meters and more can be utilized.

For mobile usage the antenna can be equipped with a damper; its special rubber compound does not influence the reception quality and provides effective protection against falls. With the 3G+C antenna very good results are achieved in monitoring and deformation analysis.


In agriculture robust antenna systems with a long operational life span are needed. The multifunctional 3G+C antenna meets these requirements by using all known correction signals such as SBAS, WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, OMNISTAR, Beacon and the reception of other frequency bands. Whether for parallel guidance systems or the usage in precision farming, any usage is possible with the 3G+C. All positive characeristics that make the 3G+C useable in machine control and the maritime sector are applicable for the agricultural field as well.


The GNSS 3G+C antenna is completely sealed due to the special plastic housing and is insensitive to all kinds of aggressive fluids such as saltwater. The laser-welded housing sustains a pressure of +/- 2.5 bar. Therefore also the use in space at a pressure of 0 bar is possible.

After the emission of the correction signal Beacon was upgraded from GPS to GPS and Glonass by the Federal Water and Shipping Administration in 2012 NavXperience immediately reacted: A combined antenna – a single frequency GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Compass antenna, which is able to receive Beacon signals, was developed. In addition the frequency range was expanded to enable perfect reception of Omnistar correction signals. Therefore the 3G+C is an ideal antenna for the maritime sector.

Machine Control

Despite its low weight of 380g the 3G+C antenna works without any problems under the toughest conditions e.g. when used on construction machines. With its fixated components it is absolutely insensitive to vibrations, impacts and sudden speed-ups. The extremely robust housing underwent several long-term tests. Whether on grader, excavator or caterpillar, the 3G+C constantly works reliable.

The 5/8 inch stainless steel thread can be mounted on a machine with an open-jaw wrench (size 23). Antenna and TNC connector are tested up to 2.5 bar excess pressure. Therefore the intrusion of humidity is impossible.