OSR reference

OSR reference

Designed to meet the future

Our OSR (open source receiver) is the first programmable reference station receiver in the world and designed for your CORS network with all important features, like a web interface, Linux or Win-dow OS, streaming data and lots of memory (64GB per receiver). The OSR reference has optimal power flexibility for external power input as well as internal battery backup. In a reference receiver configuration, the OSR-Receiver delivers up to fourteen hours operation from the internal battery. The OSR reference is compatible with every CORS software in the world.

reference station

A unique reference station

The station is suitable for installation at fixed sites and for use in network applications.
The navXperience Reference station is an investment for the present and for the future.

The Station (antenna and receiver) is designed to remain modern for a long time. The 3G+C reference antenna and the OSR (open source receiver) can receive all known GNSS signals (multi-Constellation). With the ability to fit as many as three synchronized OSR receivers operating in parallel, it has the expandability to handle more satellites and new L-band GNSS signals should they be added. The antenna design is based on a German patent to yield the best signal quality and lowest phase center variation available. The OSR reference is the only receiver in the world with an open operating system (both Windows and Linux are supported). To administrate and connect the receiver to the network is easy and simple, even for a novice. The user interface is simple, but in the background, there are powerful and novel algorithms with hundreds of programmable correlation channels. A unique technology.