Triple frequency GNSS Receiver

receives all GNSS frequencies
The front-end receives all GNSS signals as well as all L-band correction data signals. The first version of the receiver will be delivered with GPS / GLONASS L1 and L2.

navXweb Interface

for complete control
The state-of-the-art interface of navXweb allows the user, either via smartphone or PC, direct access to all receiver settings and functions. The modern HTML 5 user interface adapts to the screen size and allows the display of graphical Skyplots.


enables end-user software developments
By integrating the open source Linux operating system, we enable end-users and developers to install their own software and existing applications on the GNSS board.

OSRP Open Source Receiver Protocol

provides open software interface
By OSRP allows end-users and developers access to all GNSS raw data, if required. At the same time, they can also integrate and synchronize other sensors via this protocol.

LifeTime Updates

guaranteed free lifetime updates
We offer free software updates through our website over the entire life of the product! This feature will keep your GNSS receiver always up to date.

UMP Coaxial

The newly developed UMP coaxial radial is much better suited to the environment of our antennas than the usual MCX or MMCX connector. The advantages include its lower height, better electrical connection, and its robustness, which makes it insensitive to vibrations and high acceleration forces.

This connection is designed for safety-critical applications and is already used in the German automobile industry.